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What is the New Concept of Rice” ?

Rice is the traditional foods and main staple source for more than half of people in the world. But according to Nutritionist, high starch in rice could cause some side-effects to the Obesity,Diabetes…. So, what we eat now? Whether we must change our traditional main foods? The issues is to study/ improve/ find out the new kind of rice and suitable farming technique for a new source of rice to meet the requirements.That is our technology and know-how !
   *  Eat rice but no side-effects to Obesity, Diabetes due to low -medium glycemex index and high fiber,high phyto-chemicals contents
   *  Eat rice as a daily energy source, but also help preventing the Obesity, Diabetes, Heart-disease..

  So, Hoasuafoods organic functional rice is the new concept of rice and will be a new source of energy for public health in future


Vien Phu green organic farm offers range of organic products HOASUAFOODS is grown and produced in a closed process. With an area 320 ha, adjacent region of U Minh Ha forest, an uncultivated widerness, Vien Phu green organic farm has all prerequisites for building organic farm to EU & USDA organic standards. HOASUAFOODS are grown in a zero-pollution fertile soil environment and the entire process of cultivation, harvesting, transportation, storage, processing and packaging are in line with the organic requirements and standards, ensure clean and safety to consumers and environmental friendly.

“Say No to Chemical”


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