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Introducing about Vien Phu

Vien Phu Organic Farm with an area of 320ha located next to U Minh Ha forest belt is a wild and untapped area. This area meets the prerequisites for building a farm that meets organic farming standards from the US & Europe. The organic food chain with the HoaSuaFoods brand is cultivated and produced in a closed cycle on unpolluted land. From cultivation, harvesting, transportation, storage and packaging, all are tested to meet quality standards, ensuring clean – safe for consumers’ health as well as environmentally friendly.


Headquarters: 119 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Farm and factory: An Phu Hamlet, Khanh An Commune, U Minh Ha District, Ca Mau Province

Scope activities: Planting, producing and supplying HoaSuaFoods organic food chain

HoaSuaFoods brand is a trademark for all organic products manufactured by Vien Phu Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

HoaSuaFoods organic product chain includes:

HoaSuaFoods organic rice of all kinds

HoaSuaFoods organic vegetables of all kinds

HoaSuaFoods organic seafood of all kinds

Home-made products HoaSuaFoods


Producing and supplying organic foods with the purpose of ensuring the health of people directly involved in farming as well as supplying safe products with high nutritional value to the community.

Strategic vision:

– Development and agricultural production towards sustainable environment-friendly, reducing climate change and greenhouse effect

– Create a product chain of equal quality to products in advanced and internationally certified countries

– Research and develop to create product lines to ensure no residues of toxic chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients to support the treatment of chronic diseases.

Distribution system:

– International markets: UK, USA, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy,

Sweden Switzerland.

– Internal Market:

+ Southern Regional Distribution System: HoaSuaFoods Organic Food Chain; Select SuperMart supermarket system, VinCom Plaza supermarket, Super Bowl supermarket, The Mannor supermarket …

+ Northern Regional Distribution System: Naturally Viet Nam Shop, Betterday Shop …

Let’s say “no to chemicals.”