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Currently, food poisoning are increasingly becoming more widespread and can not control . The demand for the safety, and the non-chemical, heathy  foods  will become indispensable to our lives . But to buy the organic about the quality  as well as the product origin is not simple 

In the Ho Chi Minh city market particular , there are a lot of grocery stores with ” Organic ” as clean foods or Organic foods , but the reality is not reliable , because they can not show the origin or the organic certifications from the organic international organizations. On the other hand, convinced the consumers because the meaning of  ‘Organic” with them is also ambiguous . Besides, there are companies benefit  from capacity the word ” organic ” to the business of chemical products , deceive consumers to achieve high profits 

Thevefore, Vien Phu JSC has introduced & invested in HoaSua Foods – M&B. These prodcuts are  for the purpose of directly providing consumers with safe food, non-chemical, heath food certified organic food as standards by the U.S. and European by Union Control of the Netherlands , as well as the service comes with wishes to protect the health of consumers and contribute to building a green environment . 

Our products include:

  • Organic Vegetables: natural vegetables, common vegetables…
  • Organic Rices: Organic White Rice, Organic Black Rice, Organic Mix Rice…
  • Organic Aquacultures: natural fish from farm…
  • Home Made Products: Detox Body Cleansing, Natural Honey, Organic Milk Powder, Organic Detox Tea
  • Natural Skin Care Products and Functional Products


HoaSuaFoods strives to become Vietnam is leading in FCMG brand , put the interests of clients and healthy consumers as the nuleshone for all business activities in terms of both quality and service