Living in polluted environment (smoke, dust, ultraviolet rays and radioactive substances…) eating of unknown original foods, contaminated foods (toxic chemicals, growth hormone)… and stress have poisoned the body day by day, causing chronic diseases which have serious affects on human health. Positive thinking, happiness, proper nutrition are nutritional therapies, spiritual therapies help us to live a useful life for family and society. Physicians and specialists recommend some antidotes for us to detoxicate: drinking more water before meal, drinking tea herbs such as artichokes, lemon juice, ginger tea, eating brown rice, vegetarian diet, fasting regularly…

Today, people become vegetarians for religious reasons, health reasons even curious reasons. In fact, in view of nutrition, vegetarian diet prevents many diseases. However, if vegetarian diet is not properly planned, it make you more vulnerable to high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, even diabetes. Vegetarian foods usually have low energy so vegetarians get hungry quickly and tend to eat more carbohydrates, this is one of the causes of diabetes. A diet too much fiber can harm some nutrients absorption: iron, copper, zinc. A true vegetarian only eat from plant-based may not get enough vitamins and minerals that are found in dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry, fish. These include iron, calcium, vitamin B12, zinc and some essential amino acids. This results in the risk of iron deficiency anemia, macrocytic anemia or nerve diseases caused by lacking vitamin B12. So vegetarians must have a variety diet to ensure nutrition. One cup of black rice porridge in the evening is one of the advices of nutrition expects for them.

Besides vegetarian diet, George Ohsawa macrobiotic dietwith main food is brown rice, sesame salt becomes more well-known and gives positive results for prevention and treatment chronic diseases. Brown rice is very useful for the health. Brown rice is rice that still has its outer layer of bran on it. Most of phytonutrients, essential nutrients are in bran layer, very helpful for immune activities of the body.

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Based on the principle of Yin and Yang and the studies of traditional food of many nations in the world, professor Ohsawa gave ten healthy ways of eating and drinking which each person can choose ones to establish a healthy and happy life. This method uses sesame salt, brown rice instead of polished rice, eating more vegetable, fruit, moderable amount of meat and fish, and conducting cooking method suitable with individual conditions: gender (male or female), age (young or old), living (sitting or walking), occupation (manual labor or mental work), living environment (geography, climate, weather), economic and social condition… According to United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO), among the grains including rice, glutinous rice, yellow wheat, black wheat, cereal, millet, corn… brown rice gets the best nutritional value. But we should choose clean food source, food of clear origin, no nitrate residue abuse of chemical fertilizer, no growth hormones, no chemical pesticides, no herbicides, no chemical reclaimed substances… to limit intake of dangerous source cause diseases in the future.

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