What is the highlight between Hoa Sua organic rice in terms of nutrition compared to other types?

– The biggest difference that Hoa Sua Organic Rice brings to the community is that it does not contain any chemical residues compared to other types of rice.

– Regarding nutrition:

1. Low to moderate glycemic index: GI <60

2. Fiber: 40% higher than other types of Rice

3. Iron:

4. Content of antioxidants: …

I am 5 months pregnant, I am not much weight raising. Thus, I am afraid I have not enought milk for baby. if I use Hoa Sua Organic Rice, will I have milk?

In the dairy foods to help gain popularity like papaya pork soup , tomatoes , fennel , whole grains , fruits seaweed red , purple , black , beef , chicken … are contain phyto – oestrogens ( plant estrogen hormone ) , strerol plants , tryptophan , minerals ( calcium , magnesium , zinc , iron … ) rich in antioxidants , fiber and essential vitamins … When you eat these foods , the mother’s body releases estrogen and prolactin and provide a full range of essential nutrients , which secrete more milk .

Mechanism also provides a full range of essential nutrients and bioactive substances but at the level superior to other natural foods , you may see the following comparison table to see that HoaSua Black Rice or HoasuaFoods organic rice is a perfect food to help ensure you can be 01 and the best health condition , ready for baby abundant milk supply mother ‘s love .

My mom is 54 years old who has been vestibular disorder. My father had a history of heart disease, month and take medication. I know HoaSuaFoods Organic Rice good for these diseases, right?

Vestibular dysfunction syndrome due to multiple causes . One of the most common causes and the age of the customer is a mother due to ischemic , meaning the arteries that carry blood to the brain of disability , is congested by atherosclerosis status . And the main cause of this situation is to free radicals . To further understand the mechanism of the destructive free radicals – the root cause of many vascular disease ( RLTD , cerebral vascular accident … ) Please refer to the research paper here : ( link to article Organic Black rice’s HoaSuaFoods – and the diseases related to blood vessels of the brain) .

Within the scope of this question , HoaSuaFoods only mention how to fight free radicals , protect blood vessel walls . Scientific studies have shown that the body needs support to help neutralize free radicals is the day for vascular damage by providing additional sources of anti- free radical in nature . The free-radical fighting compounds like anthocyanin strong in U.S. Hoa SUa Organic Black Rice recognized inhibits inflammatory processes , increased synthesis of enzymes necessary cleanup of harmful free radicals in the bloodstream . Since then , the phenomenon reduces atherosclerosis , vasodilatation and help prevent blood clots effectively , widened blood flow to the brain .

In addition , Hoa Sua black rice contains more than 120 other antioxidant compounds , forming 01 complexes a powerful antioxidant , which helps to increase powerful mechanism to neutralize free radical oxidation .

The effects of father with heart disease , the combination you mentioned antioxidants contribute cholerterol reduce bad ( LDL ) and increase good cholesterol ( HDL ) . In addition, the abundant biologically active substances in Hoa Sua Organic Black Rice as magnesium and calcium will help regulate heart rate , to avoid confusion circuit .

                       The follow combo set will be support for your parent have the perfect and good eating regime 



The equivalent weight


Using time

Organic Black Rice/
Organic Mix Rice


1 bowl


Noon or night

Nutural milk powder


300 ml


morning and night

I were diabetes long time, I knewn HoaSua Organic Black Rice could prevent and support well done for diabetics. I need the detail information and eating regime?

Food scientist Zhimin Xu famous announced the results after many years of research at the national conference of the 240 th American Chemical Society in Boston on 27/08/2010 said: ” Only 01 tablespoons rice bran black has more antioxidant containing anthocyanins , health help , more than 01 but spoon cranberry fruit Vietnam
particularly low in sugar , high in fiber and vitamin E ” .

Black rice is organic rice milk glycemic index : GI < 58 , the lowest in all types of conventional rice .

Moreover, the fiber content ( Fiber ) is extremely high , than other types of rice , reduce bad cholesterol , help control blood sugar levels . 1.54 times the manganese content of brown rice , manganese helps release energy from protein , carbohydrates , support the immune system and regulate blood sugar levels .

With these factors , organic black rice milk is the close companion of you who have diabetes .

How HoaSuaFoods Organic Brown Rice is different with common Brown Rice? I often buy the brown rice package at supermarket, while opening at home, I feel the flavour of rice is not good, like the musty. Why

HoaSuaFoods Organic brown rice is shelled rice husk , bran layer of unpolished , very good for health as retaining most of the essential nutrients and a large amount of fiber, and trace elements are in the bran layer . The biggest difference is the most important and HoaSuaFoods brown rice ( as well as all other types of Hoa Sua Rice ) was cultivated under organic process of the U.S. and Europe , are certified by Control Union International Ha Finland should absolutely not the product of chemical residues harmful to human pathogens .

In particular , in the production process until the finished product is done in a closed process , international standards and products are packed in vacuum technology should help not oxidized products ; hold it is natural aroma , characteristic of rice and also completely eliminates the risk of fungal toxin aflatoxin – a cancer-causing agent – but in the process of production , storage , transportation , pack of regular brown rice products can not be guaranteed .

Acrid odor , musty smell that you bought in brown rice is the smell of the rice bran layer is oxidized , forming infected with toxic mold , produced in production conditions do not meet standards . Eating brown rice was stale , tainted not only healthy , but not all patients can cause new diseases , including cancer .

What's kind of HoaSuaFoods Rice could be replace for brown rice as the Oshawa eating method? Why?

Organic Black Rice is the food group was dubbed the super food of the 21st century, according to research results published in the conference ‘s 240 th National American Chemical Society in Boston .

HoaSuaFoods Organic Black Rice is nature brown ( separated husk , bran intact ) along with natural substances like black rice contains more antioxidant components powerful . In particular , organic farming methods to increase the value of biological active ingredients and nutrition a lot. HoaSuaFoods  Organic Black Rice harmonic ratio between the essential components of nutrition : protein , vitamins , minerals , fiber should just provide quick energy but do not increase blood cholesterol ; contain more fiber so good digestive system and help reduce bad cholesterol , control blood sugar levels . Add to that the biologically active substances , the group omega 3, omega 6 which the body can not synthesize , very good for the skin , brain , eyesight , joints , prevent the risk of atherosclerosis and antioxidants than 120 powerful effects on free radicals , effective prevention and supportive treatment of cancer , cardiovascular disease , diabetes , gout and other chronic diseases .

With the process entirely self-contained processing and international standards ; product is packaged in vacuum technology ensures retain all the nutrients and maximum exclusion oxidizing agent as well as bacteria harm .

So , those who are fasting , prevention and treatment method really care Ohsawa and those who are using brown rice for health support can fully replace Black Rice / Organic Rice color .

Why Hoa Sua Organic Rice is different and better than other rice types?

Because Hoa Sua Organic Rice cultivated under organic standards of the U.S. and European Union – Control Organization Netherlands Certification:

Land : the wild lands untapped , not contaminated by residues of chemicals , pesticides . At the same time , very fertile , fertile with plenty of organic nutrients by decomposing mangrove leaves , perennial accumulation of peat .
The water source is not contaminated and is checked regularly , moderate pH . Farm canals in water from U Minh Ha forest primeval .
Seeds : the selection and acquisition process from organic farming , absolutely pure , not genetically modified , has a low glycemic index and content of biologically active substances is very high .
Fertilizers : natural origin as bat manure , peat , bio-organic fertilizer imported from the U.S. , held OMRI certified true international biological standard .
External environment is close to the U Minh Ha forest belt , 30km from Ca Mau City , have buffer zones surrounding the farm to prevent the hazards of environmental pollution from the sector of organic farming .
Control insects and diseases : absolutely not use pesticides , herbicides , fungicides chemistry that uses natural methods to eradicate control such as ladybugs , ants three compartments , drop- duck and fish , light traps , weeding by hand …

What's different between organic rice and common rice? Could it be distinguish by naked eyes? How to distinguish?

The organic rice different with common rice basing on 3 factors: 

Do not use chemical fertilizers and plant protection chemicals. There are soil and water resources in accordance with international standards. 
Organic rice yields are generally lower than conventional rice. 
Organic rice without chemical residues outstanding, absolutely safe for health

Regarding appearance: it is difficult to distinguish organic rice and conventional rice. 
Regarding content: Using analytical methods in the laboratory will see very clearly. Organic rice after cooking, delicious lunch will be flexible, have high nutrients, characteristic sweetness. To purchase no mistake, customers should GAO buy organic origin unclear, particularly products have the logo as well as a certificate 

organic origin from international organizations reputation