Causes of Aging

( The role of antioxidants )

Cause of ageing – why the body needs antioxidant

Free radical oxidation is a natural product of the metabolic process of the body , but a number of environmental factors have created too many free radicals . It has formed a threat to the body .

That’s why antioxidants are so much interested in the job at the moment because of the antioxidants that neutralize oxygen free radicals before they can cause harm to the body , removed of the main factors of degenerative diseases 

” It is no longer a question of should give patients additional antioxidants , which is how and why . “

Julian Whitaker , M.D.

Whitaker Wellness Institute

I – By your eating mode

1 . You eat according to the American regime ?

Diet typical Western-style too much fat , high carbohydrate , processed food full of pesticides and chemicals in meat , dairy , bad fats like margarine and vegetable oil , sugar , white flour , and starchy vegetables . These foods are usually low in antioxidants and oxidative excess free radicals .

2 . You eat less than 6 times the amount of fruits and vegetables each day ?

Fruits and vegetables are sources of antioxidants to the body but to eat is difficult enough . Most people do not take enough antioxidants each day .

3 . You eat fruit and vegetables according to conventional farming methods ?

Agricultural techniques used to increase crop yields has lost nutrients in fruit processing plants and vegetables , and anywhere from 5-40 % loss of nutrients compared to the collection ‘s plan 50 years ago .

4 . Do you drink alcohol regularly ( more red wine ) ?

Alcohol impairs the antioxidant and cause the formation of oxygen free radicals .

5 . How often do you eat fried foods ?

A high-fat diet increases stress for your body . You eat too much fat , oxidizing free radicals are created as much . This is one of the reasons why heart disease and cancer , two problems associated with oxygen free radicals are harmful , most people with diets high in fat .

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6 . How often do you eat meat ?

Meat is not good for health , but it contains more pesticides than foods of plant origin . Plant , animal and injected stimulants and antibiotics added to the toxic level . Grilled meat on charcoal grill also create carcinogens .

Fish , a kind of food is good for health , but it is the issue of mercury and high chemical found in commercial fish .

7 . You eat more foods containing hydrogenated vegetable oils ( trans – fats ) ?

As food is a combination of oxygen free radicals , between nutrient poor food , bad fats and food additives always come with trans – fats foods .

8 . Do you often eat fast food ?

Regardless of whether they have tried to make it sound like “healthy ” fast food is full of chemicals – that’s what they added to make it taste better .

9 . You eat packaged foods and processed ?

There are over 15,000 different chemicals are allowed for in your food , most of which is not indicated on the label . MSG is one of the food additives that are often overlooked in composition .

10 . You eat irradiated food ?

Irradiation to kill bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella in food . Currently, U.S. food irradiation as beef , eggs , poultry , oysters , fresh spinach , lettuce and spices without express such information .

FDA says food is irradiated and not irradiated is not different , but not be studied again. Irradiation disrupts the cell , the chromosome destroyed , killing the enzymes and produces oxidative free radicals . Some substances are known to cause cancer ( formaldehyde , benzene , lipid peroxides ) . A number of other substances were never found or research .

11 . You can often use foods containing sugar ?

When you consume too much sugar leads to excess insulin and high blood sugar , causes increased oxidative free radicals and antioxidant systems weaken you . Sugar is the main cause of stress , and lead to heart disease , diabetes , and premature aging .

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12 . Do you regularly use artificial sugar products ?

Sweeteners and other artificial sweeteners are known carcinogens , and creates a ton of freedom oxidative radicals , especially in your brain . Please stay away from artificial sweeteners .

II – Due to environmental pollution

1 . The air that we breathe ?

We all know that air quality is too bad , but you have to know the oxygen content of Earth ‘s atmosphere has declined 50 % in the past few years ? Because your body has less oxygen from the air you breathe , it creates more radicals oxidizing free .

2 . Do you drink tap water ?

Unless you use a water filtration system in the home , you are exposed to chlorine , fluoride and a number of harmful chemicals and toxins in water . You also absorb them through skin contact when you shower or bath .

3 . There are many environmental toxins impact ?

Increasing chemicals in the environment affect our bodies every day . Some substances existed several centuries ago .

4 . You often work with hazardous products ?

You can not ever leave that all ingredients in household products that you use every day – such as cleaning products , paint , glue , detergents, air fresheners , body care products , … Unless you have abundant reserves of organic matter and biological removal of toxic chemicals absorbed through your skin .

III – Due lifestyle

1 . Do you smoke ?

Tobacco alone has created thousands of original free of harmful oxidation .

2 . You have to undergo a lot of time in the sun ?

Radiation from the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause damage to your skin . Other sources of ionizing radiation – including in medical radiography – as well as the source of oxygen free radicals .

3 . Exercise regularly with high intensity ?

The regular strenuous exercise makes your body consumes more oxygen . This increases the production of free radical oxidation , which occurs when cells use oxygen to convert food into energy .


4 . You have a lot of stress ?
We think emotions come from the mind but it seems to come from our bodies . Any kind of mental pain or stress produces oxidative free radicals in the body .

IV – Due to Electromagnetic Radiation

1 . You go through the time of day nhhieu near electronic devices ?

Not widely known , electronic devices and power lines causing a serious health hazard .

2 . You often use cell phones or other wireless devices ?

Mobile phones , cordless phones , radar , radio and television and all wireless devices emit harmful radiation such as electrical equipment . Mobile is a prime suspect caused some kind of brain tumor .

V – Chronic Disease

1 . Do you get sick often ?

Our bodies produce free radicals oxidative against viruses and bacteria . If we do not have enough antioxidants , immune system will not afford us against viruses and bacteria .

2 . Are you using drugs ?

No matter what medication you are also produces oxidative free radicals harmful to the body . It is the ” side effects ” of the drug .

3 . Finally , you have one of the following diseases :

– Allergy

– Immunodeficiency

– Asthma

– Emphysema

– High cholesterol

– Cardiovascular disease

– High blood pressure

– Diabetes mellitus type 2

– Lupus

– Multiple sclerosis

– Parkinson’s disease

– Alzheimer’s disease

– Cancer

– Cataracts

– Macular degeneration

– Rheumatoid arthritis

The cause of all these diseases , largely due to lack antioxidant . Once infected , the body will increase the production of oxidative free radicals to combat the disease . This led to the need for more antioxidants .

Antioxidants protect our bodies before the onset of oxidative free radicals . Antioxidants decided the aging process , it is the nutrition secrets of living longer .


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