Comes to weight loss, black rice is a woman to share weight loss not to be missed.
What effect do black rice? Black rice how to lose weight? Today we together look! Rich black rice nutritional value since ancient times by people as a tonic for health care products.

In nutrients, the black rice, has many advantages.
It contains plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, slightly lower number.
But the quality is better than any other food, low fat, but the rice embryo contains a small amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, in addition to B12 Vitamin B than the rich, there are a lot of potassium, magnesium, iron and other trace elements
abundant than the white rice a lot.

The reason why the color black rice with other rice different, mainly because it is outside the cortex contained anthocyanins pigments, the pigment itself has a strong anti-aging effect.

In addition to anti-aging, weight loss of function of black rice also do: B vitamins: black rice Vitamin B is about 4 times of ordinary rice, vitamin B group in the B1, B2, B6 and B12 can promote fat,

protein, carbohydrate metabolism, with a burn fat, prevent fat accumulation effect.
Black rice rich in potassium content of potassium is 4.4 times that of ordinary rice.
The body of excess potassium salt can absorb and maintain water balance in the body.
The human body has a very good help to eliminate edema floating fat.

Dietary Fiber: black rice is rich in dietary fiber content.
Dietary fiber to promote intestinal constipation, increase satiety, suppress appetite, help you lose weight

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Black rice diet Methods: The one month period, every week is a small cycle! Ready to begin the first week of weight loss, the first day breakfast as usual, about three-quarters of the usual lunch and dinner meal replacement fruit (such as vegetables and other soup can, that is, do not eat rice.)

Breakfast the next morning as usual, lunch is about half the usual, dinner, such as the first day. (This allows the stomach to eat less accustomed to it you will not be hungry) on the third day you can start to lose weight by eating black rice, a small bowl of black rice porridge for breakfast, lunch is, dinner is (hungry, then to drink plenty of water , can eat a small amount of fruit, of course, best not to eat.)

On the fourth day of the sixth day and third days of the same ~! To the seventh day you can eat something else, but do not eat too much, (like a full seven), or very bad results! Such a small cycle is complete, the other week, the same as the first week! (you insist on doing so carefully, the effect is good month to minus 2 to 4 kg!).

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