The wonderful fuction of HoaSuaFoods natural bee honeySince ancient times , honey has benefits of communications and notes stored in the medical literature and folk knowledge . Honey is the best food easy to eat , easy to find and provide natural nutrients to the body . Honey has a lot of work , useful for human health :

1 . Improved performance athletes

There are many studies demonstrating an ergogenic like honey , works to increase the performance of athletes . Eating honey can help you restore glycogen , muscle recuperation and keep your blood sugar level after exercise can control . Specifically , honey adjusted energy consumption of the body and keeps insulin levels allow .

2 . Effective for skin care

Honey is the nectar extracted from flowers , containing 80 % sugar and many other minerals . You will find calcium , iron , phosphorus , magnesium and amino acids in honey . Honey is also rich in vitamin B and C , so it becomes a good ingredient in the lotion . Even crude topical honey on skin is also beneficial for the skin .

3 . Effective weight loss

Honey contains many more calories than sugar , but honey is dissolved in hot water , it will help burn fat . So , for those who want to remove fat from the body , so drink warm water mixed with honey and lemon .

4 . Provide abundant energy source

Each tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories and close this helps honey become a source of healthy energy . Meanwhile , only 15 per tablespoon sugar calories . Carbohydrates in honey is converted into glucose easily . Honey is a natural substance which should be easier to digest than sugar .


5 . Reduces irritation in throat

Honey is highly effective in curing sore throat due to coughing . One study demonstrated a dose of honey is also effective equivalent dose of dextromethorphan . Drink honey before going to bed , the patient will reduce cough and sleep better .

6 . Wound healing

For a long time , honey has been used to treat external wounds . People often use a mixture of honey and silver sulfadiazine . Honey has anti-bacterial properties , drying lines , is very effective in healing wounds .

7 . Glycemic control

Honey contains sugar but it is not the same as white sugar that you use every day . Thanks to the combination of glucose and fructose , honey easily control your blood sugar . With low hypoglycemic index in a certain amount of honey , honey became the ideal choice for use as a sweetener that does not worry about the risk of increased blood sugar .

There are many benefits of honey for the body . Because it is completely natural substances should not cause side effects and you can absorb its nutrients faster, better than many products over other industrial processing .

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