Vien Phu green organic farm offers range of organic products HOASUAFOODS is grown and produced in a closed process. With an area 320 ha, adjacent region of U Minh Ha forest, an uncultivated widerness, Vien Phu green organic farm has all prerequisites for building organic farm to EU & USDA organic standards. HOASUAFOODS are grown in a zero-pollution fertile soil environment and the entire process of cultivation, harvesting, transportation, storage, processing and packaging are in line with the organic requirements and standards, ensure clean and safety to consumers and environmental friendly.



  • Full Name: Vien Phu Organic & Healthy Foods JSC
  • Address: 18/3 Thanh Da, Ward 25, Bình Thạnh Dist.
  • Farm and Factory:  An Phú,  Khánh An, U Minh Hạ, Cà Mau Province.
  • Industry: Farming, manufacturing and supplying organic foods HoaSuaFoods
  • HoaSuaFoods brand name is the consumer trading for all products by Vien Phu Organic & Healthy Foods JSC produce. The organic products of HoaSuaFoods as follow:

Organic Rices

Organic Vegetables

Organic Aquacultures

Natural Homemade Products

Functional Foods 

  • Mission: Always try to create the best products to ensure the right and benefit of customer. Considering customer as family, we provide the organic foods "Clean and Safety" contributing to enhance the value of life     quality.
  • Vision: Clean foods contribute the important and necessary role to healthy life. Currently, the real situation toxic foods, chemistry foods are widespread and main cause of chronic diseases threatening human health. Therefore, product and supply organic foods is urgent task that Vien Phu JSC and HoaSuaFoods Market & Bistro consider priority.
  • Distribution system:

International Market: England, US, Russia, Netherland, Australia, Singapore , Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Swiss.

Dosmetic Market:

  1.   Distribution System at Ho Chi Minh City : Select SupertMart, Vincom Plaza Supermarket. Super Bowl Supermarket, The Mannor SuperMarket
  2.    Distribution System at Ha Noi : Naturally Viet Nam Shop, Betterday Shop...
  • Our Commitment: We only produce and supply the organic food from international association 


                                      " We Say No To Chemical"





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